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Smart Home Implementation

Technology has the potential to be life changing depending on how it is configured. Internet connected devices can be configured to help your home save money, increase security, save time, improve comfort, perform parental controls and more. DurenTech can configure your home to do all of the above and so much more. Imagine if your home had the ability to adjust to your desired temperature as you approached and departed, or you had the ability to turn off internet or TV access for children during homework hours. Smart homes can play video or audio from every TV and yard during a house party, turn on lights when a security camera detects motion or play your favorite podcast with the push of a button.  

     For added system reliability and peace of mind, DurenTech offers service plans which include installing firmware updates remotely, monitoring system downtime and performing recurring backups of mission critical data. (certain hardware required, not compatible with all systems)

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