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IT Solutions
for Your Industry

Small Business Locations

DurenTech provides Point of Sale support, televisions in your bar, security cameras in your store, music in your dining area and guest internet connectivity in your lobby. We do this and so much more for your small business.

Medical / Health Offices

DurenTech provides informational displays in your waiting room, soothing music to calm nervous patients and internet connectivity for your patients to use. We combine all of these to offer a pleasant experience for your patients. 

New Residential Construction

DurenTech works with your general contractor to provide both wiring and final configuration of smart home systems for new residential constructions. Including internet access, smart thermostats, whole home audio, security camera solutions, home theater spaces and outdoor audio. 

Private Consumers

DurenTech works with private consumers to provide an overarching coverage of computer systems, parental controls on children's devices, work from home office setup, configuration and setup of smart home devices and configuration of technical aspects relating to man cave or entertainment spaces.

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