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New System Deployment

As technology continues to evolve, new systems are at the forefront of the experience that your employees and customers interact with, cutting edge technology has the ability to wow your customers or simplify your day to day operations for your team. 

  • Desktop and laptop computers enable people to interface with the internet and global population, increasing sales and outreach for your business. DurenTech has experience building specialized desktop computers for everything from unique business needs to customized gaming rigs.   

  • Point of Sale systems allow your customers to purchase items, enroll in reward programs, utilize your company's gift cards, and leave reviews about their experience. Your company's management can access valuable business data such as daily/weekly/monthly sales averages and sales per employee.

  • Modern security cameras offer business and home owners peace of mind with anytime viewing access, day and nighttime vision capabilities, ability to record footage and more. 

  • Music makes your home, workspace or lobby feel alive. Modern systems allow a wide variety of sources for music: steaming platforms, radio stations, custom audio tracks and more. Systems can be controlled by your manager through a mobile app, computer program or remote control.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity enables your team / guests / customers / patrons to connect to internet and talk about your business, or venue. We offer highly customizable controls network controls for time and connectivity speed limits, landing pages with legal terms of service, blocking certain websites and employee monitoring.

  • Completely customizable rack mounted hardware allows your business to contain the hardware that allows your business to run in a secured location within your place of business. 

DurenTech specializes in configuring all of your new technological needs. 


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