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Network Optimization

Proper network optimization is essential for businesses and individuals alike. Slow or unreliable internet connections disrupt the workflow and operations of our daily lives. A properly configured network allows for multiple users to perform high bandwidth tasks such as smooth and professional video calls with clients or streaming video on televisions in your lobby / dining area. In our modern era of working / learning from home, or an increasing number of internet-connected smart gadgets, residential networks require effective coverage at a high speed throughout the location. Office and home networks can also handle tasks such as file sharing, printer sharing or automated backups of crucial files and data. DurenTech has multiple years of experience configuring simple home networks with parental controls, high speed networks for home office / educational needs and secure networks for small businesses and their patrons or guests. Select networking equipment can be monitored and serviced remotely, reducing system downtime and increasing network performance and reliability. 

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