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Device Repairs & Maintenance

Electronic devices, like any other complex tool or system in our lives require routine maintenance to ensure they are operating in optimal condition. Routine cleaning, software updates, hardware maintenance and system optimization ensure that all of your devices are working as efficiently and effectively as possible for you. 

DurenTech offers both on-site and remote connection routine maintenance plans for Apple & PC desktop and laptop computers, networking and Wi-Fi equipment, mobile devices, server devices, audio visual equipment, office enterprise equipment and more. Contact us today to discuss a preventative service / maintenance plan that works for you or your business!

Thousands of electronic devices per year get prematurely replaced and disposed of due to a relatively small issue such as a broken screen or charging port. DurenTech offers a wide variety of device repair options from screen and battery replacements, hardware upgrades, data recovery*, liquid damage repair*, charging port replacements, peripheral replacements and more. We also offer complimentary recycling of your old system, regardless of the functionality of the system. 

*Data recovery and liquid damage repair is not guaranteed. Each situation is unique and must be assessed individually. 

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